About Hamiltix

We built this site after looking for tickets ourselves but being frustrated after not being able to:

  • Search for Hamilton shows across all dates (not just one show!)
  • Finding the best seats (i.e. not seats behind a pole or in the back corner)

We did some work to do all this for us and then decided to turn it into a project and share it with everyone - making finding secondary tickets more transparent for the benefit of all Hamilton theatre goers!

Check out our FAQ page for additional information.

Theatre Background & Our Ranking Methodology

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New York

Hamilton in New York is currently running at the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway. The theatre originally opened in 1925, was most recently renovated in 1990, and has 1,319 seats. The theatre is owned by The Nederlander Organization who renamed it in 1990 after Broadway composer Richard Rodgers. The theatre has three sections: orchestra (1st level), front mezzanine (2nd level), and rear mezzanine (2nd level).

A detailed seat map of the theatre can be found here. The Richard Rodgers Theatre is relatively uniform (i.e. very few seats with obstructed views), and thus our ranking algorithm is largely based on seating location and price. All else equal, a seat in front or rear mezzanine row "A" will be ranked slightly lower than the seat directly behind it in row "B" given the less leg room. Listings with single tickets are pushed to the bottom of the rankings. Our ranking algorithm treats all days the same (i.e. it doesn't rank weekends higher than weekdays), however if you would like to search specific dates check out the page search page.