Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do your tickets come from?
    • All tickets listed on Hamiltix are from the Ticket Fulfillment Group marketplace which are managed and owned, by professional ticket resellers and pre-screened individual sellers who have already purchased the tickets listed on the site.

  2. Who is Ticket Fulfillment Group?
    • Ticket Fufillment Group is a full-service website that facilitates ticket transactions on behalf of Hamiltix for fans of Hamilton theatre events. Ticket Fulfillment Group utilizes the industry’s leading ticket marketplace to offer the largest inventory at the best prices. This is a resale marketplace and is not owned by any venue, team or performer.

  3. What is the 100% Buyer Guarantee?
    • The Ticket Fulfillment Group’s 100% Buyer Guarantee promises transaction security, timely ticket delivery, and valid/authentic tickets. Your trust is important to us, and this Guarantee is part of our commitment to ensuring the security of your purchase, as well as your satisfaction and peace of mind. Should you have an issue with your tickets, Ticket Fulfillment Group will take one of the following courses of action:
      • Provide you with comparable or better replacement tickets
      • Issue a full refund

  4. Why are there restrictions on the quantity of tickets I can select?
    • Ticket Fulfillment Group complies with the seller’s specifications related to the quantity of tickets purchasable (certain tickets can only be delivered in specific, limited quantities). Our system does not allow 1 ticket to be left over in a given ticketing group. What this means is that if you are viewing tickets in a group of 6, you will not be allowed to purchase 5 tickets from the group as it will leave 1 seat, unless, in the rare occasion, that the seller specifies otherwise.

  5. How are tickets on Hamiltix delivered?
    • The delivery method is displayed for each ticket listing and can vary per ticket listing:
      • E-tickets – A link to download will be sent to your email. These need to be printed.
      • Physical Tickets – Tickets will be sent to the address you specify at checkout via our carrier partner to arrive prior to the event.
      • Paperless Tickets – Tickets will either be sent on a gift card via carrier partner to the address you specify (see physical tickets) or will be communicated as to how local pick up or walk-in will occur (see will call and local pickups). The idea of the paperless ticket is that it exists in only one safe location, for a specific consumer on a credit card or other form of identification.
      • Transfers (TM Mobile Entry, Flash Seats) - Tickets will be transferred to the email address you provide at checkout. You may have to create an account if you have not used a transfer ticket for a particular franchise or venue. The idea behind mobile transfers is that each ticket belongs to one and only one unique account associated with an email address. In the case of Flash Seats, the transfer process is the same but this system may ask for a state identification, depending on the state an event takes place. These must be shown on a mobile device.
      • Will Call and Local Pickups - Buyers will supply name and phone number that match ID of the person picking up the tickets. Ticket Fulfillment Group will supply the name and contact information of the representative handling the pick up or advise you to find your tickets under the name specified at the venue’s official will call.

  6. How do I check the status of my order?
    • When an order is placed it is treated as a ‘request’ for tickets. You will receive an email that your order was received. Once your ticket purchase is accepted and confirmed by the seller, your tickets are guaranteed, your credit card will be charged, and you will receive a confirmation email. If for some reason your order is unable to be fulfilled, you will receive an ‘Order Unable to be Fulfilled’ email. Emails are not to be considered as tickets and will not grant you access to an event. You must download any attachment or application that is required to view and use the ticket. Remember, emails do not represent your tickets. You can always email or call Ticket Fulfillment Group anytime to check on the status of your order by emailing order support or calling +1 972 445 9064.

  7. If I purchase tickets for an event that takes place in the next 24-48 hours, will I still receive my tickets in time?
    • Yes! When browsing for tickets, delivery methods are noted on each specific ticket listing, so you know what you are buying. If you purchase tickets that are a mobile or other electronic format, they will be delivered as described. If you purchase physical tickets and they can still be safely shipped, a priority or standard overnight airbill will be used to send tickets to your specified address via shipping partner. If you purchase physical tickets, and they cannot be safely shipped given the amount of time until the event, they will be delivered via email/instant download, mobile e-tickets, electronic transfers, or a specified local delivery service (courier, local delivery, etc.).

  8. What do Even/Odd and Consecutive Seating mean?
    • Some event centers employ an even/odd-seating configuration, while others use consecutive seating. Even/Odd seating would place seats in the following adjacent order: 1,3,5,7,9 and then on the opposite side: 2,4,6,8,10. Consecutive seating configures seat numbers as: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.

  9. How are ticket prices determined?
    • Ticket prices shown on Hamiltix are pulled directly from Ticket Fulfillment Group, and are based on market price as set by sellers. As such prices can be above or below face value and are not dictated by the price seen on the tickets themselves.

  10. Are the ticket prices displayed online for a single ticket or for a group of tickets?
    • The price displayed with each listing indicates the price per ticket before any additional fees or tax (if applicable). During the checkout process, the full price breakdown of your order will be displayed.

  11. Are there additional fees charged?
    • In addition to the price listed per ticket, there may be a service and/or delivery charge applied to each order. These charges cover Ticket Fulfillment Group's transactional costs and industry-leading customer service. Any and all fees are shown at checkout. The total price shown at checkout is what you will be charged.

  12. When will my credit card be charged?
    • As soon as you place an order, a reserve is placed on your credit card to hold the funds for the cost of your purchase. Your card is not officially charged until the seller has confirmed the order, at which point you will receive an order confirmation email. If the seller is unable to confirm and fulfill your order, the ‘reserved’ funds are released based on your banks policy which is typically within 7 business days.

  13. What company name will I see on my credit card statement?
    • Ticket Group 9724459064

  14. The name on the ticket is not mine; will I have issues at the event?
    • The name on the ticket is the name of the original purchaser. This is a normal industry practice and will not cause any issues at the event. The name of the attendee does not need to match the name printed or on the ticket. Once you arrive at the venue, the staff will scan the barcode on your ticket and allow you to enter.

  15. My physical tickets were lost/stolen, can I have them resent?
    • Hamiltix and Ticket Fulfillment Group are not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. If you did not receive your tickets and our shipping partner does not show the package was delivered, please reach out to our order support team at +1 972 445 9064 for further assistance.

  16. What if my event is canceled or does not occur?
    • If an event is canceled outright, all purchases are refunded in totality (except for delivery costs). If for any reason you do not automatically receive a refund within 5 days, please email or call Ticket Fulfillment Group at +1 972 445 9064. If an event is postponed, the venue will determine if original tickets are still valid, in which case, all sales are final. If tickets need to be purchased again for the newly scheduled event, it will be treated as canceled, and purchases will be refunded.

  17. Will I get a refund if my event is rained out or postponed?
    • Refunds will only be issued on canceled events, which is determined by the venue itself. Tickets for postponed or rescheduled events are usually viewed as valid for the rescheduled/future date and as such refunds are not provided. If tickets are reissued for a rescheduled or postponed event, Ticket Fulfillment Group will notify you with further instructions of how the tickets will be reissued.

  18. Can I cancel an order I have already placed?
    • Unfortunately, no. As stated in our Terms and Conditions, all sales are final.

  19. Can I exchange tickets for a different quantity or date?
    • Unfortunately, no, all sales are final.

Still have questions? Call (+1 347 460 3745), email, or chat with us on the checkout page and we will get your questions answered right away!